Thursday, December 1, 2011

Themes in "A Star Called Henry"

Like some of the other books that we have read earlier in the year, there are recurrent themes that I notice. There is the popular theme of paralysis that many novels that we have read possess. There are themes no that in this novel that center around Henry's character. Henry is born into a problematic time that Ireland is experiencing with the different factions fighting for their causes. Life in general hasn't been the best for him. At age 9, Henry and his brother are on the streets pick-pocketing, begging, and stealing. The events that occur in Henry's life paralyze him, like the death of his brother. After his sick brother dies, Henry is in disbelief and is unsure about where he should go next. At age 14 he joins a faction to fight for Ireland's freedom.He is paralyzed by the Troubles, and how they have drastically changed over the course of the Troubles. A big theme that I think is prominent in this book is the theme of man vs. society. As Henry grows up, he faces more conflicts and problems that are put on him because of the time, period, his young age, and adults who stop him. In recent readings, I have noticed the the book gets very emotional. Mainly with the death of Henry's brother, Victor. Victor was the last "real" family that he had. They stuck together through thick and thin, and helped each other with everything. I could almost feel the loss that Henry felt.

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